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MC-145B Coyote

MC-145 CoyoteMC-145B Coyote Multi-Role Strike aircraft is a heavily modified version of the venerable M28 Skytruck, a utility aircraft commonly operating in the world's most undeveloped regions.

Designed for rugged operations, the MC-145B's high wing and rugged, fixed tricycle gear are ideal for safe and reliable operations in an austere environment. Extensive modifications to the basic aircraft include wing weapons pylons, a retractable sensor lift, additional fuel tanks and internal weapons launchers.

MC-145B Features

  • High wing coupled with rugged tricycle landing gear ensure safe and reliable operation in austere environments
  • Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL)
  • Multi-engine safety and survivability
  • Cabin area able to deploy large, palletized munitions
  • Air operable rear cargo ramp
  • Reconfigurable multi-mission for Air Drop, Paratroop and CASEVAC
  • Comprehensive Comms Suite
  • True Multi-Sensor Modularity
  • Upgraded Fuel Tanks for Extensive Range and Mission Endurance
  • Weapons Employment


  • Austere Operations
  • Weapons Deployment
  • Digital Cockpit
  • Versatility

Austere Operations

MC-145B Austere OperationsMC-145B was built from the ground up for austere runways and the world’s most extreme environments.

  • Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL)
  • Rugged, Fixed Tricycle Gear Provide the most reliable operation in for both austere and prepared environments
  • Soft Field Proven
  • Prop and Weapons Clearance
  • Retractable Sensor
  • Nose Sensor Gravel Protection

MC-145B Austere Operations

Weapons Employment

Traditional Wing Stores, Dedicated Common Launch Tube Portals, and Ramp launched store provisions support the most diverse set of weapons available in its class. Coyote brings the right weapon to the right mission.

MC-145B Weapon Deployment

  • Wing Mounted Stores
    • AGM-114 Hellfire
    • AGR-20 APKWS Precision Guided Rockets
    • GBU-39 SDB (Provisions)
    • Four Weapons Hardpoints
  • Internal Stores
    • Common Launch Tube
    • GBU-69 Small Glide Munitions (SGM)
    • Coyote UAS
    • AGM-176 Griffin
    • Eight (8) Reloadable CLT
    • Ramp Launched Stores
    • Ramp Launch Capable CLT

Digital Cockpit

MC-145B Digital CockpitModern digital cockpit service common with U-28 developed by IS&S and SNC for AFSOC.

  • IS&S Electronic Cockpit
    • IS&S IFPDs and EIS
    • FAA/TSO Certified Components
    • Major Components Common with U-28A
  • Autothrottle
    • Crew Safety Enhancement
      • Multi Engine VMCA (Minimum Control Airspeed) protection
      • Workload reduction – Speed, Torque, Max L/D Loiter Modes
    • Full Regime Autothrottle (All phases of flight)
    • Over Temp/Torque protection Minimizing down time
    • Improved Fuel Efficiency
    • Patented Mechanical Override Safety Feature
  • Autopilot
    • Bendix King KFC 325
    • Three-axis digital flight control system
    • Autopilot and flight director
      • Altitude hold
      • Altitude pre-select
      • Heading select
      • VOR/RNAV
      • Approach and Glideslope
      • Reverse Localizer
      • Control Wheel Steering Indicated Air Speed Hold and Yaw Damp.


The MC-145B Aft Cargo ramp bring a multi-role capability unmatched it’s category. The Coyote is a versatile as the Special Operations forces it serves.
MC-145B Versatility

MC-145B Partners

SNC is proud to continue its longstanding partnership with Lockheed Martin and its subsidiaries. PZL Mielec, a Lockheed Martin Company, is the biggest Polish aircraft manufacturer and Lockheed Martin’s biggest production facility outside the U.S.

Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin Corporation is a global security and aerospace company that employs approximately 114,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services.

Lockheed Martin
PLZ Mielec


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SNC IAS MC 145B Coyote

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