Features & Benefits


National Security Agency (NSA) Information Assurance certified 

Established Production Line

In production for 15+ years

300k+ Devices Delivered

SNC is the largest provider of NSA-certified crypto key loaders across the Department of Defense (DOD)

Simple Key Loader (SKL)

Since 2005, SNC has manufactured and delivered hundreds of thousands of SKLs in support of the Department of Defense and its mission partners. Leveraging a demonstrated production line, we provide efficient, secure and cost-effective key management systems.  Long regarded as the gold standard for key loaders, the SKL distributes COMSEC keys and mission data into End Crypto Units (ECU) - supporting well over 150 ECU profiles. 

Simple Key Loader (SKL)
The Future of Key Management - NGLD-M

The Future of Key Management - NGLD-M

As an upgrade to SKL, the Next Generation Load Device-Medium (NGLD-M) will provide soldiers with an advanced cryptographic key loading capability to enable secure DOD key management infrastructure (KMI) network systems. NGLD-M supports the U.S. Army's Program Executive Office Command Control Communication-Tactical objectives, including enabling secure high-speed, high-capacity voice, data and video communications for the U.S. Army, joint, coalition and other mission partners.