Features & Benefits

Automated Patient Data Management

Automatic data capture & near-real-time data flow; hands-free, wire-free, voice-free solutions thru Bluetooth, WiFi & ultra-wideband networks

FDA-Certified Patient Monitor Integration

Enables care provider to take advantage of latest commercial-off-the-shelf patient monitoring technology

Remote Monitoring Portal

Customizable web portal to present ER/ICU dash boards for incoming patients; tele-mentoring portal option includes a reach-back directory to on-call clinical specialists

Tactical & Commercial Communication Options

Robust communication protocol designed to work with any IP based Tactical Radio Network

Improved Patient Medical Record

De-identified patient data is stored for electronic Patient Care Record close out & import to patient’s medical record

Remote Monitoring Advantages

Remote Monitoring Advantages

Our scalable, customizable tools automatically capture, store and forward pre-hospital patient data wirelessly in real-time from medical devices throughout patient transport enabling improved medical situational awareness, critical care and even tele-mentoring and remote expert decision assistance. This allows emergency response and patient transport teams to focus patient care instead of documentation.

eHealth & Remote Monitoring solutions also improve response times by giving treatment facility teams more information and time to prepare for patient arrival. Our goal is to improve patient care and outcomes in the toughest situations imaginable and provide patients valuable information for future health care needs. SNC’s systems are compatible with any medical device and remain current with the latest FDA medical sensor technologies.

Compliant Cloud Care Solutions

The days of needing expensive hardware and a team of IT brains to support your telemedicine needs are gone. We provide secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing and data share suites that can be driven over an open network. Files are stored in the cloud and viewed over a browser without requiring downloads or local storage, making our systems compatible with nearly any computer or device.

Because we understand not all health care takes place in cutting-edge hospitals with large IT staff and huge data pipes, our technology can support eHealth consults on as little as a 3G cell phone connection with full functionality.

Compliant Cloud Care Solutions

Tactical MEDEVAC

Line Medic Kit

Our Tactical MEDEVAC Line Medic Kit is designed for military ground units and transport teams. It electronically captures data for up to four wounded soldiers without burdening the medic with additional documentation. Injured soldier status and medic treatment information is automatically forwarded to receiving treatment facilities, enabling them to prepare and reducing the time to definitive care.

Carry-on Aero Kit

The Tactical MEDEVAC Carry-on Aero Kit provides integrated capabilities to capture, store and forward patient status for up to six wounded soldiers from the point-of-injury through medical and casualty evacuation for military air MEDEVAC teams. Information capture and communication is also automatic, unburdening medics and improving situational awareness across treatment facilities and teams.

Ultra-Wideband Network (UWB-NET)

Ultra-Wideband Network (UWB-NET)

Our Ultra-Wideband Network (UWB-NET) provides a secure local area wireless network capable of streaming full motion video, moving map data and VoIP communication for enhanced situational awareness.

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