Defensible Security is a fully compliant U.S. based, U.S. Persons only, FedRAMP architected 24x7 cloud-based cybersecurity monitoring and alerting service tailored specifically for defense contractors, manufacturers and commercial organizations that have a defense focused business area. Uniquely qualified to meet your needs, our award-winning Security program is recognized by the U.S. government as being one of the top performing in industry.


Defensible Security Features & Benefits

Amplify your cybersecurity efforts with 24/7 Monitoring and Reporting
Achieve a compliance advantage for DFARS/CMMC
Supports DoD/NISPOM Insider Threat Program Requirements
Proactive CI Mindset; a Threat Actor is assumed to be present
Access to USG and Commercial Threat Intelligence Sources
Data/Environmental Isolation; no co-mingling of customer information
Turnkey, cloud-based solution that scales as you grow
Manage cyber risk through data-driven decisions
Force multipliers with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The U.S. Federal Government (USG) continues to enhance mandates and cybersecurity standards for partner organizations. Often, an organization’s cybersecurity maturity level is considered when evaluating business opportunities, assessing insurance coverage, and reducing legal risk by demonstrating due diligence in the protection of sensitive information. Your ability to quickly meet and adopt these cybersecurity standards provide tangible benefits in your continued work with the USG.

Defensible Security amplifies your cybersecurity compliance efforts through 24x7 monitoring and reporting.

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Defensible Security utilizes Machine Learning (ML) to overcome the complexity and scale of Security Information Event Management (SIEM) data to quickly identify threats through a hybrid intrusion detection system using both signature and anomaly-based methods. Defensible Security’s User Behavior Analytics leverages a variety of ML algorithms including supervised and unsupervised learning, natural language processing, and deep learning. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used as a force multiplier to greatly increase and automate what can be monitored, identified, and acted upon. With Defensible Security, quickly identify cybersecurity risks so you can respond and recover faster. 

Operational Technology Security 

Manufacturers and Defense Contractors make significant investments in industrial equipment to produce products and deliver critical services. There is increased convergence of industrial equipment and control systems with corporate networks and Information Technology, leaving both vulnerable to attack. Operational Technology (OT) is the hardware and software used to control and monitor these systems. OT is often overlooked when it comes to a comprehensive security strategy which can lead to a significant gap in protections and awareness.

As an additional component of Defensible Security, SNC’s Binary Armor® family of products provides active defense for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and critical infrastructure. Binary Armor® provides the strongest and most robust in-line cybersecurity for ICS, and when combined with Defensible Security, you can close the cyber gaps associated with ICS and OT.

Binary Armor® Cybersecurity

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