Binary Armor Features & Benefits

Protect Your Mission. Protect What Matters.
Protects Data

Provides a secure method to bridge IT & OT networks  

Solves Human Error

Protects against insider threats & human error, reducing the likelihood of equipment damage & personnel injury 

Whitelist Protection

Allows only pre-approved, known-safe messages to reach operational technology 

In-line Protection from Cyber Threats

Protects machine-to-machine communication to prevent disruption & damage to critical assets 


We are trusted to solve the most complex cyber problems and protect the industries that make our way of life possible.   

SNC's Cybersecurity Expertise

SNC's Cybersecurity Expertise

Cyber threats are among the biggest risks to our security as individuals, corporations and as a nation. Cybersecurity is by far one of the most detrimental problems faced by the public at-large, with concern, and risk, growing by the day. As technology grows, so too does the threat.

As an industry-leading, international technology firm, SNC’s cyber protection teams are truly on the cutting edge of Information Operations.

Our team is composed of the top computer science and electrical engineers who work in tandem with our electronic warfare experts, intelligence analysts and system engineers to build custom network, mobile and information system security platforms. These teams are supported by a substantial research and development division that is dedicated to ensuring that our cyber solutions are able to disrupt and upset even the most adversarial systems, all while protecting the customer’s network integrity. Solutions include byte-by-byte protection for SCADA and industrial control networks to ensure only safe message traffic reaches critical systems.

Problem Solvers

Our team of expert engineers can solve even the most pressing cyber challenges to protect assets, enforce proper workflow and keep our society running and moving forward. We develop solutions for industries, including: 

  • Electricity, Oil & Gas 
  • Military & Defense  
  • Automation 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Transportation 
  • Renewables 
  • Maritime 
  • Aviation 
  • Space 
  • Wireless Connectivity & 5G
Problem Solvers

Binary Armor Solutions

Avionics and Mission System Cybersecurity

Binary Armor avionics guard provides a flight-hardened, lightweight, low-power avionics isolation solution to safely bridge mission networks and critical avionics. 

Binary Armor Data Cybersecurity

Binary Armor data security constructs a secure, distributed private network where no single node has full understanding of the network or access to sensitive data in transit. 

Software-based Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure

We need to protect our critical infrastructure from destructive cyber-attacks, which can cause our communities to lose power, heating and clean water. Our team of engineers and innovated product lines fill the gaps in critical infrastructure security. We protect aspects of our society like the power grid, water treatment plants and even the programming in traffic lights, allowing only known messages, controls and commands to keep the programs and clean water running.  

Binary Armor Secure Remote Monitoring

Binary Armor Secure Remote Monitoring is a secure framework designed to integrate remote sensors with Binary Armor’s robust OT security and encrypted communication, providing time sensitive information and alerts over a secure network.

Assured Communications

Binary Armor facilitates assured communications, allowing only pre-approved messages developed through a known ruleset. This goes beyond traditional blacklisting. Through whitelisting, Binary Armor stops all messages that are unknown, enforcing correct operation at all times without exception.   

"You Got Hacked" Cybersecurity Podcast

"You Got Hacked" Cybersecurity Podcast

With all the resources available today, knowing where to get accurate cybersecurity information can be a daunting task. Our team believes in the power of education and collaboration. Cybersecurity impacts all of us, so we must learn how to protect ourselves and our assets through partnership and learning.  

If you want to learn more about cybersecurity from industry experts themselves, listen to our educational podcast “You Got Hacked.” The podcast features industry leaders and innovators who seek to inspire conversations around current events and cyber innovations while increasing understanding of operational technology, zero-trust architecture, Multifactor Authentication and other leading topics around the future of cybersecurity. 

You Got Hacked Podcast

Defensible Security

It is no longer a matter of if you will experience a cyber-attack, but when. Contractors and manufacturers working within the defense industry are heavily targeted for what they have and what they know. Are you prepared to detect and protect against cyber criminals, sophisticated ransomware, targeted phishing, supply-chain attacks, and insider threats? Combine that with stringent compliance and regulatory requirements to work within the defense industry and you need a trusted partner in this fight — someone who understands these challenges because they live them every day.

The same team that protects SNC can now protect you.

Defensible Security
  • Input Voltage
    12-48 VDC
  • Dimensions
    3.66 in.(9.4 cm) D; 3.37 in. (8.6 cm) W; 2.32 in. (5.8 cm) H
  • Weight
    1.2 lb (0.53 kg)
  • Power
    4.5 W Nominal / 9 W Max
  • Mounting Options
    DIN Rail; VESA 50 mm x 50 mm Direct Mount
  • Operating Temp
    -40° to +85° C
  • EMC
    Designed for CE/FCC compliance & Safety by CB Scheme
  • Shock & Vibration
    Designed for EN50155 railway shock & vibration
  • Certifications/Accreditations
    FIPS 140-2 Compliant

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