Features & Benefits

Superior payload, range & endurance
Small operational footprint supports missions in difficult terrain & contested spaces
Infrastructure- & runway-independent
Rapidly configurable & deployable
Designed & manufactured in the USA
Leveraging the Sky – Fly Anywhere, Anytime

Leveraging the Sky – Fly Anywhere, Anytime

Our Voly-50 unmanned aircraft system (UAS) is a multi-role UAV, offering customers the payload, range and endurance they need. With its long-haul capability and modular design, the Voly-50 represents a new opportunity to completely disrupt how critical assets are delivered, by minimizing personnel and filling the gap where traditional delivery mechanisms are unable to achieve the mission.

The Voly-50 meets the exacting requirements of commercial customers operating in remote locations, creating the ability to support ISR and humanitarian aid by reaching locations that were once unreachable. The unique system also offers the military a new generation of flexible UAVs that provide long-haul aircraft with superior flight range and flexible payload capacity.

The Future of Unmanned Tactical ISR

SNC’s VTOL solution has a small operational footprint and can easily operate in difficult terrain and contested spaces for tactical resupply missions, while its turnkey ISR system allows users to see, track and understand the battlespace more completely.

Voly-50 can also address military customers’ need for a rapidly deployable, runway-independent, unmanned reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition system. It is built for endurance, with the ability to handle heavy payloads, capable of simultaneously carrying up to 50 pounds of cargo, including an ISR or sensor payload option. Depending on payload configurations, the Voly-50 has a 400+ mile range and can cruise at up to 80 kts for up to 11 hours in a single mission set, making it the superior solution in its class for flight range and payload capacity. The system also features redundant lift motors and avionics with reliable propulsion that contains an onboard engine restart for automatic damage tolerance.  In addition, it is designed with a modular, open architecture system, allowing for quick and efficient integration of new payloads and capabilities.

We combined the Voly technology with SNC’s exceptional open architecture systems, sensor integrations and ISR capabilities to deliver a rapidly configurable unmanned ISR VTOL solution for multi-domain operations. We are also leveraging the extensive UAV expertise of SNC’s subsidiary, Kutta Technologies Inc., to ensure compliance with DO-178 and interoperability standards, creating the redundancy and durability required to complete the toughest DOD missions.

The Future of Unmanned Tactical ISR