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20+ unmanned
programs supported

30+ unmanned DOD
platforms integrated

High Technical Readiness
Level (TRL) ratings

DOD, FAA & NATO compliant

Leading the Digital Warzone

Leading the Digital Warzone

SNC brings 60 years of experience in developing solutions, integrating capabilities and engineering systems that reduce warfighter casualties during combat and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. As a leader in unmanned systems, we invest significantly in emerging technologies including open architectures, artificial intelligence (AI), electronic warfare (EW) and platform integration. Our digital-first approach increases autonomy and capability across all military UxS, including UAV, unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) and unmanned surface vehicles (USV).

We possess a robust portfolio of intellectual property that positions us at the forefront of the UxS technologies marketplace and as a world-class aviation, ISR and unmanned integrator. SNC’s specialized capabilities and products provide customers with a comprehensive set of UxS control technology, offering manned-unmanned teaming and national air space de-confliction. This includes our SNC TRAX®-enabled communications, integrated RF solutions, C5ISR/EW modular open suite of standards (CMOSS) and modular open systems approach (MOSA)-compliant architectures, predictive analytics and AI/ML technologies.

UxS Capabilities

We offer software components and hardware products designed to meet DOD, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) standards and guidelines. SNC and subsidiary, Kutta Technologies maintain DO-178-compliant software engineering capabilities, recognized by the FAA as the gold standard for manned-unmanned teaming software development processes. Capabilities include:

  • Manned/unmanned teaming
  • Handheld controllers
  • Mission planning toolkits
  • Platform & systems integration
  • Payload design & integration
  • Air launch effects
  • Command & control
  • Autonomy
  • Counter UxS
  • AI-enabled data processing
  • Contractor-owned, contractor-operated (COCO) UxS
  • RF sensing, sensor fusion, electronic warfare
  • High-altitude & extreme environment operations
  • Automated landing & automatic recovery systems
  • Vertical takeoff & landing (VTOL)
  • Tactical Payload Recovery (TPR)
UxS Capabilities
UxS Platforms

UxS Platforms

Our capabilities are platform agnostic. Whether it’s an SNC platform or one designed by an industry partner, SNC tech is always one step ahead. For rapid demonstration or test capabilities, we provide access to:

  • Manned & unmanned aircraft
  • Unmanned drones (Class I/II)
  • High-altitude balloons
  • Ground vehicles
  • Universal controllers
  • Small cubesat deployments

Launched E­ffects (LE)

SNC’s Launched E­ffects (LE) aircraft system enables precision penetration of enemy defenses, providing a low-risk, low-cost solution for suppression and defeat of advanced threats together with Precision Fires and ISR missions. This extremely adaptable platform has been launched hundreds of times from a variety of fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft with a variety of mission payloads.

Launched E­ffects (LE)
Lighter-Than-Air High-Altitude Platform Station (LTA-HAPS)

Lighter-Than-Air High-Altitude Platform Station (LTA-HAPS)

Our Lighter-Than-Air High Altitude Platform Station (LTA-HAPS) capabilities provide global, persistent and uninterrupted ISR from the stratosphere with communication capabilities in near real-time. SNC brings 7+ years of direct untethered LTA-HAPS technology development and missions systems integration and 30+ years of unmanned system experience including developing and integrating mission systems, payloads and command and control capabilities onto LTA-HAPS to meet warfighter mission needs.