Edith Features & Benefits


Open architecture with rapid ingestion of any data source with AI layer for advanced analytics 


AI platform, modular micro-services & distributed computing 


Unlimited storage capacity

Real-Time Big Data Analysis

Edith provides scalable architecture and AI-enabled capabilities for rapid computing at the tactical edge. Currently assessed at a level 9 Technology Readiness Level (TRL), the Edith architecture has been successfully applied to multiple complex DOD and Intelligence Community (IC) programs with data problems over the past four years. 

We tailored the Edith architecture to process, store and expose electromagnetic spectrum information for the U.S. Marine Corps to support spectrum managers and operators at the tactical edge. The Edith architecture currently processes multiple petabytes of mission relevant information in real-time in support of the current customer missions. 

Real-Time Big Data Analysis
Edith Features

Edith Features

  • Elastic collection & storage 
  • AI/ML integration 
  • Real-time analysis 
  • Sensor integration 
  • Disconnected operations 
  • DOD interoperability 
  • Compliant OGC standards