DART Features & Benefits

Data Ingestion

Speeds over 250K, records per second 

Data Correlation

Link cyber activity with specific company information to enhance situational awareness


Illustrate cyber situations in near-real time

Actionable Alerting

Enriched data & analytics occur at the time of ingest for near-real time actionable alerting 

Advanced Analytics

Highlight threats such as data exfiltration, threat match & external attacks 

Actionable Cyber Information

Actionable Cyber Information

DART  provides  actionable  information  to  improve  your  security  posture  with  applied  analytics, artificial  intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) analysis across multiple data points. It is scalable to any size organization. DART centralizes and automates the capture, triage and detection of cyber threats so operators can search, visualize, report and respond to them efficiently and with greater accuracy. 

DART Capabilities

  • Simultaneous ingestion & correlation of cyber data from Multi-Modal Cyber oriented data sources including logs & threat intelligence. 
  • Rapid search for answers to complex questions in seconds 
  • Cyber battlespace awareness through data fusion of infrastructure maps with known attack patterns 
  • Web-based user tools for discovery, analysis, reporting & data management 
  • Custom analytics to identify organization-unique threats 
  • Applied AI/ML & complex algorithms for predictive learning of cyber situations 
  • Near-real-time visualizations of cyber situations 
DART Capabilities