COCO Aircraft Features & Benefits

ISR Ready

60 years of ISR aircraft
lifecycle support experience

Flight Ready

Certified aircraft & pilots
ready within 72 hours

Mission Ready

Global ISR experience
ensures safe operations

Mission Assurance

Unsurpassed 98%
positive handover rate

Ready for Takeoff

Ready for Takeoff

Experience and proven solutions matter when mobilizing and deploying aircraft, material and personnel into austere areas of operation. SNC specializes in providing turnkey intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) COCO aircraft services to our customers with zero non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs. This self-investment and mission-focus prepares aircraft for future requirements, enabling rapid and smooth deployment into areas of operation with zero downtime in support.

SNC's aircraft deliver emerging technology and capabilities at the best value through self-investment and integrated product offerings. Our agile aircraft, technologies and leadership enable us to adjust to CONUS and OCONUS ever-changing flight requirements. We have 800,000+ hours of aircraft flight experience, providing an average, more than 800 hours of COCO ISR monthly.

COCO Aircraft Capabilities & Services

Flexible contracting options and comprehensive services allow us to create service packages based on customer needs. We provide full-spectrum support, including multi-mission ISR, maritime flight, air transport, customs and border protection, pilot services, quick reaction capability, field service support and C4ISR integration.

  • Aircraft pilots, operators, technicians & maintainers
  • Fleet of COCO ISR jets & aircraft
  • Lead C4ISR/C5ISR/C6ISR systems integrator
  • Integrated multi-domain operations
K+ ISR Contract Hours
% Positive Handover Rate (POH)
HR Mobilization Rate
Tailorable Mission Solutions

Tailorable Mission Solutions

Mission-tailorable platforms allow customers to start with selecting the right aircraft based on mission needs, including system configuration, endurance, speed and budget. SNC currently hosts numerous aircraft with unique land and maritime flight capabilities, including multi-intelligence, beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) and long endurance for up to nine hours.

Integrating advanced technologies into the platform enables optimal mission effectiveness. SNC builds emerging technologies such as airborne solutions, threat defeat, RF and network technologies and information-based solutions at zero, non-recurring engineering costs for government customers.