AE-4500 Auto ESM Features & Benefits

Small SWaP
Open architecture
Pre-mission planning tools
Automatic search mode
Precision geolocation & targeting
Post-mission analysis
Automatic Spectrum Search & Geolocation

Automatic Spectrum Search & Geolocation

The AE-4500 System is a stand-alone collection and analysis system that includes all antenna, radio frequency (RF) and digital signal processing hardware and software for on-board emitter detection, deinterleaving, identification, geolocation, correlation and reporting.

Its mature, field-proven hardware and software has been installed and flown on small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), turboprop and business jet platforms. It is configurable for operations over multiple frequency ranges using a variety of antenna arrays, and is small enough to support wingtip antenna installations for optimal field-of-view coverage. Additional options support frequency extension, additional antennas and distributed installations for larger platforms.

Receiver Processor Assembly (RPA)

Our Receiver Processor Assembly (RPA) is critical to passive, precision direction finding. It controls different interferometer antenna arrays to provide passive automatic search, identification and location of non-communication intelligence (COMINT) signals. The RPA provides the RF, digital and software processing to meet tough system requirements.

The AE-4500 Auto ESM System’s RPA controls system hardware to passively detect, collect, identify and locate radar emitters over the 0.5 to 40 GHz frequency range. A typical AE-4500 System configuration consists of two RPAs and two interferometer antenna arrays. The RPAs control the interferometer antenna arrays to operate in a manual set-on mode or an auto search mode. The RPA also interfaces to the host platform computer, GPS/INS NAV system and line-of-sight (LOS) or beyond-LOS (BLOS) datalink.

Receiver Processor Assembly (RPA)


  • Technical Readiness Level (TRL) 9
  • Remote control from ground through datalink
  • Turnkey ESM system interfaces to tactical datalinks
  • Interfaces to platform INS/GPS for NAV data
  • Precision geolocation & targeting to 40 GHz
  • 240-degree instantaneous azimuth coverage
  • Detection, identification & location of pulsed, CW, FMCW
  • On-board emitter deinterleaving & emitter identification
  • On-board emitter geolocation, correlation & reporting
  • Provides single-ship geolocation & supports multi-ship geolocation
  • Pre-mission planning tools
  • Post-mission analysis tools
  • Automatic Search Mode provides hands-off mission operations
  • Modular architecture supports UAVs, wingtip pods, turbo-prop aircraft & business jets
  • Light-weight, low-power