Mr. Jon Burgoyne is COO and Executive Vice President for the ISR, Aviation and Security (IAS) business area of Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC). IAS is a leading prime manned and unmanned aircraft systems integrator for innovative high performance aircraft systems design, modification, integration, test and certification as a complete end-to-end Aircraft System.

Mr. Burgoyne has been with SNC since April of 1999 and is responsible for the IAS Business Area. Overseeing Project and Portfolio Management for Department of Defense (DoD) activities associated with specialized ISR, Aviation and Security modifications to aircraft. Programs range from sensor development applications, integration of ISR capabilities in General Aviation aircraft, Communications Integration, Ground Vehicle integration and complete worldwide logistics support integrated into the customer’s force structure involves Quick Reaction Capability modifications to insert capabilities rapidly into the field and direct support of warfighter needs globally.

Prior to joining SNC, Mr. Burgoyne was an electronic warfare officer in the United States Air Force and graduate of navigator training at Mather AFB. He flew RC-135U Combat Sent as a RAVEN based out of Offutt AFB, worked in the 544th ELINT Exploitation Lab in Strategic Command and was assigned to the Big Safari program in Greenville, TX.

Mr. Burgoyne holds a master’s degree in mathematics from Creighton University, and a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (BAEM) degree from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.