SNC Team Creates Face Shield Frames for COVID Healthcare Workers

April 27, 2020

SNC proudly donated our first shipment of frames that will be used to build face shields for healthcare workers during the COVID-19 crisis! We spoke with machine shop supervisor, Renny, who says a group of SSG machinists volunteered countless hours working on the project.

The mission initially started with Stratasys, who is the maker of the 3D printer SNC has at its Louisville, Colorado facility. Stratasys created the printing files and they reached out to us, asking us to contribute to the cause. SNC jumped at the opportunity, donating the equipment and materials needed. While the technical work was done by Stratasys, Renny says it took SNC ingenuity to figure out the rest.

“A lot of that credit belongs to SNC machinist, Austin,” said Renny. “He worked out the most efficient way to print the face frames while performing his regularly scheduled work at the same time.”

Austin tells us it took a lot of calculations, “My main goal was to figure out how to effectively print face frames, given the restraints of work schedule and printer capacity, while utilizing our materials the best way possible.”

SNC’s first batch has been sent to Stratasys to its American headquarters in Minnesota, where they’re handling the work of assembling and distributing the completed face shields.

Renny, Austin and a few others have already started working on the next batch that they hope to have ready to ship to Stratasys in the next few weeks.