SNC Mechanic Awarded FAA's Prestigious Charles Taylor Award

This week we are celebrating National Aviation Day by taking a look at the aircraft, people and programs that make SNC a leader in aircraft modification, integration and modernization worldwide.

The FAA recently honored Thomas H. with the Charles Taylor "Master Mechanic" Award, which recognizes the lifetime accomplishments of senior mechanics with 50 years or more of aviation maintenance experience.

“Tom has worked for SNC and our subsidiary, Straight Flight, for 10+ years, and this only grazes the surface of his aviation career,” said Operations Manager Matthew B.

The Charles Taylor award is the most prestigious award the FAA issues to people who are verified under Title 14 and honors people who have exhibited exemplary aviation expertise, distinguished professionalism, and steadfast commitment to aviation maintenance.

Congratulations on achieving this milestone, Tom “The Tool Man!”


SNC Mechanic receives FAA Charles Taylor Award