SNC Joint Venture, Pacific Crest Alliance, Awarded Significant U.S. Space Force Contract

SAN DIEGO, Calif., January 04, 2021 – The Pacific Crest Alliance (PCA), a joint venture partnership between La Jolla Logic, Inc. (LJL) and Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), was recently awarded a contract by the U.S. Space Force to optimize tactical space/ground command and control of U.S. space assets.

PCA will serve as a Design Agent for as system to develop and deliver updated satellite operations capabilities that enable continuous modernization through automation, flexibility and commonality for Space Force.

The program’s concept will provide critical communications and tactical Command and Control (C2) capabilities to support satellite and ground asset program requirements which are necessary to command and control these assets through all phases of satellite operation and enhance capabilities to support Space Force mission compatibility testing, readiness, launch, and operations.

“PCA is honored to contribute to U.S Space Force’s success in safeguarding America’s security and prosperity in space now and into the future,” Stacey Anfuso, PCA Directing Manager. “We look forward to bringing the exceptional combined technical expertise of PCA to advancing Space Force’s capabilities.”

PCA was awarded the contract based on LJL and SNC’s significant experience and proficiencies in delivering innovative and best-of-breed software and hardware solutions to the U.S. Government.

LJL specializes in advanced technology research and development, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity systems engineering. With a highly technical staff and a decade of experience producing and fielding complex solutions, LJL is renowned as a significant provider of technical, programmatic and executive leadership to the US Department of Defense, academic institutions and the private sector.

As a small business founded on innovation and forward-looking technical solutions, LJL’s professional team has significant experience developing, deploying and accrediting new capabilities for fielding in operational Department of Defense environments.

Owned by Chairwoman and President Eren Ozmen and CEO Fatih Ozmen, SNC is a trusted leader in solving the world’s toughest challenges through best-of-breed, open architecture engineering in Space Systems, Commercial Solutions, and National Security and Defense. SNC has delivered over 4,000 flight products that have been critical to over 450 space missions on flagship NASA and Department of Defense Space Programs.

Together the joint venture applies the complementary and industry-leading technical capabilities of both companies to meet the demands of emerging technology challenges.