SNC Donates Two Aircraft Engines to High School Students at Career Preparedness Facility

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (July 3, 2024) – SNC, the global aerospace and national security company owned by Eren and Fatih Ozmen, recently donated two aircraft auxiliary power units (APUs) to the students at Cherry Creek Innovation Campus (CCIC) in Centennial, Colorado. Matthew Blankenship, operations manager at SNC, and Tim Kenna, a production aviation training manager at SNC, delivered the APUs to students enrolled in CCIC’s Aviation Maintenance Pathway — a program for those pursuing careers in certified aviation maintenance.

“The CCIC plans to utilize these APUs as valuable training aids in its certified Part 147 school, providing insight into the operating principles and theory of operation for students. Once used in a myriad of aircraft systems and subsystems in lieu of the aircraft's main engines, these APUs will now power the curiosity and development of high school students excited about a career in aviation,” explained Blankenship. 

SNC has long been known for supporting educational initiatives, particularly in the aviation and aerospace sectors. As it works to reinvigorate the defense industrial base and improve educational opportunities for those interested in the skilled trades, working together with institutions like CCIC is critical.

"When I told the students that the APUs may be donated, they were very excited. Any equipment that enhances their understanding of the industry in which they will soon enter, sparks a sense of curiosity and fills them with wonder,” said Dave Williamson, Pathway Lead for Aviation Maintenance. "When the donation came to fruition, they eagerly anticipated the arrival. During the unveiling of the APUs, I provided a tour to the students, drawing on my experience working with this type of equipment as they listened intently. These APUs are an invaluable teaching tool!" 

 As a seasoned production aviation maintenance training manager Kenna outlined the importance of the donation, “This is a win-win-win scenario – a win for the students, a win for CCIC and a win for SNC. Imagine graduating high school with FAA Certifications, and then almost immediately being employed in a well-paying aviation maintenance-related trade that provides room for growth and a path toward imminent career success. This is a fantastic opportunity for students that will positively impact them and our nation.” 

Preparing students to enter the workforce with a head start on maintenance time logs, hands-on experience and certifications means more innovators are available in the future to help companies like SNC protect the warfighter. "It was tremendous to see hardware that was no longer needed in support of a contract, be repurposed in support of much needed training assets. These assets now have a second life at CCIC producing future FAA Certificated individuals,” added Kenna. 

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