SNC-Built Aircraft Assisting Wildfire Efforts in California

SPARKS, Nev., December 08, 2017 – A multi-mission aircraft (MMA) outfitted with cutting-edge heat sensors and communications technology is among the Colorado firefighting resources sent this week to assist firefighters in California, thanks to the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC). The technology is collectively referred to as the Colorado Wildfire Information Management System (CO-WIMS), and was integrated into the aircraft by Sierra Nevada Corporation with help from Intterra Inc. and Bode Aviation. The aircraft accompanies a fleet of trucks, personnel and other resources sent to California by DFPC, as part of what has become regular assistance between the states when wildfire containment requires additional resources.

How It Works
The CO-WIMS/MMA program allows the DFPC to address wildfires with knowledge rather than apparatus. The CO-WIMS/MMA is outfitted with day and night vision capability, thermal imaging, mapping, personnel tracking and communication capability that updates ground crews in real time. This allows wildfire managers to make faster, more accurate decisions that can help save lives and property by more precisely tracking fire behavior and identifying hot spots.

As one of the first agencies to employ such a tool, the DFPC is the vanguard in application of modern aircraft, sensor systems, and communication systems to aide in the detection and management of wildfires. This system places Colorado fire managers at the forefront of the industry in their ability to detect, understand, and battle wildfires quickly and efficiently – something they hope to put to good use in Southern California this week.

“SNC admires the wildfire management efforts by the State of Colorado both state- and nationwide,” said Ralph Pollitt, vice president of business development for SNC’s Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance business area. “We’re honored to have taken a part in building the MMA aircraft that can provide such pivotal assistance to the courageous firefighters who have put their lives on the line to help Southern California residents during this trying time.”

About Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC)
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