Sierra Nevada Corporation Successfully Demonstrates Transport Telemedicine System at Inaugural Nevada Telemedicine Conference

SPARKS, Nev., October 29, 2014 – Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) announces the successful completion of the Transport Telemedicine System (TTS) Proof of Military Utility Advanced Development Assessment for the U.S. Army Medical Material Agency. TTS is a new capability that captures and communicates patient care and condition information beginning at the Point of Injury (POI) and continuing until arrival at a medical facility.

TTS capability generates broad, real-time Situational Awareness regarding patient condition and care, informing receiving medical facilities of incoming patients. The system is designed to be ‘agnostic’ to patient care devices, radios and care provider input devices. It includes a mobile carry-on configuration to all MEDEVAC platforms, accurate Voice Data Entry and transcription in high-noise environments, and export of patient data to the Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA) repository.

System Evaluation was followed by a successful TTS demonstration at the inaugural Nevada Telemedicine Summit Sept. 24 in Sparks, Nevada. The Nevada Army National Guard MEDEVAC unit located at Stead flew a demonstration mission while video from the MEDEVAC cabin, overhead video and patient status portal data were transmitted in real-time to monitors located at the conference facility in Sparks.

SNC is the prime contractor on the Transport Telemedicine System program.

"SNC is pleased to complete this critical milestone in upgrading the Transport Telemedicine System,” said Greg Cox, SNC's CNS corporate vice president. "The TTS capability ensures that the patient’s medical data is pushed from the start of the Medic’s encounter through to the receiving medical treatment facility and on to the Army’s master electronic health record system. We are pleased to have demonstrated this revolutionary capability at the Nevada Telemedicine Summit. We know that this capability will improve patient outcomes and save lives."

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