Sense, Make Sense & Connect – Maritime Targeting Mission Solutions

SNC is a trusted global technology leader proudly supporting the Navy and Marine Corps’ maritime targeting mission. To meet the challenges faced in increasingly contested areas, SNC focuses on three capabilities to enable Navy and Marine Corps decision makers to detect and defeat near-peer threats: sensing, making sense and connecting sensors to shooters.

Sensing: SNC produces and deploys an impressive variety of sensors that allow Navy and Marine Corps operators to survey wide areas of open ocean and contested littoral areas. Our sophisticated electronic support and electronic intelligence (ELINT) systems conduct long-range detection and geolocation of threat systems from hundreds of miles away on multiple manned and unmanned maritime platforms. SNC’s passive wide area motion imagery technology allows Navy and Marine Corps forces to gain and maintain custody of hundreds of maritime targets – enabling joint long-range fires. SNC’s open architecture (OA) special mission aircraft also support cost-effective maritime surveillance for U.S. and allied partners.

Making Sense: To successfully conduct maritime targeting, SNC builds and supports multiple decision-making tools comprised in an integrated digital radio frequency (RF) portfolio. Utilizing commercial data technology and satellite-based radio frequency (RF) detection systems its products allow decision makers to perform early warning, track nefarious activity and determine friend from foe. SNC delivers high-altitude platforms with surveillance, long-range communication and data relay capabilities which create a difficult targeting challenge for the adversary. As an industry leader in special mission platforms, SNC supports national command and control decision-making with open, integrated systems. By integrating OA onto any platform, we can collect, analyze and visualize vast amounts of data, providing information overmatch.

Connecting Sensors to Shooters: Maritime operations demand targeting at-scale. To be both survivable and effective against near-peer threats, targeting must be done at machine speed and at a theater scale. SNC is an industry leader in developing software solutions that connect any sensor to any shooter over any data link network. Our podded systems for manned and unmanned systems allow for hundreds of different platforms and sensors to seamlessly share information and targeting data.

Throughout our 60-year history, SNC has continually worked to expand the industrial base and deliver true OA solutions across sea, land, air, space and cyber. We enable partners and allies to seamlessly share information across boundaries, eliminating gaps that could be exploited by adversaries. Most importantly, from cybersecurity experts to engineers of all types, we have the creative talent to solve the toughest challenges faced in the maritime environment.

About Mike Orr

Retired Marine Corps Col. Mike Orr is vice president of government relations overseeing SNC’s electronic and information warfare programs. Prior to joining SNC, he served as a career Marine Corps officer with over 3,800 flight hours in the F/A-18 Hornet and MV-22 Osprey.