Meet Maria, Executive Sponsor of SNC’s Young Professionals Group

April 18, 2022

MariaMaria S. is the executive sponsor of SNC’s newest employee resource group (ERG), the Young Professional’s Group. She believes the youth are our future, and is excited about the opportunity to provide this ERG with mentorship, grow a network, and ultimately better the communities in which we all live and work. We spent some time with her to find out more about the opportunities she sees for the Young Professional’s ERG.

Maria, please introduce yourself and your role at SNC.

My name is Maria, Senior Director of Integrated Program Management.  I have had the opportunity to wear many hats within my 15 years at SNC; however, I currently focus heavily on the tools and processes necessary to make our Program Management community successful. I enjoy teaching, mentoring and working to bring about change that benefits others.   

You recently became the executive sponsor of the Young Professionals Group; what inspired you to lead this group?

Reflecting on my voyage that brought me to SNC, it is all about the connections and the confidence that there is someone that believes in “you” and what you are capable of achieving with just a little guidance. I am energized by those that demonstrate a “fire in the belly” attitude.  We have a very large population just starting out in their career, so leading this new ERG will allow me to foster connections, build out a new network, and provide this group with new tools and techniques from some of our more seasoned professionals.  This is an opportunity that will play a very large role in anyone’s career.

Why do you feel that Inclusivity, Diversity & Equity is important, especially at SNC?

By connecting diverse young professionals at SNC, we can create a force that will strengthen and grow our SNC family as well as motivate one another in achieving our personal and professional goals.  Until recently, SNC did not have an appreciation for why a program that promotes inclusivity, diversity and equity is more than an employee offering. ID&E is an organic cultural shift that occurs when individuals invest time, resources, and ultimately courage to develop an inclusive environment.  This positive culture will resonate in all that we do, which will further promote career growth and positive program performance.  Why wouldn’t we want to invest in our people! 

What impact can young professionals make, as part of this ERG?

The focus of this ERG is to attract and retain young professionals.  What better way to engage with new potential talent then to leverage mentors who have walked that same path.  We will work to better our communities through outreach programs and community relations.  We will learn how to best maximize the effectiveness of this group, how to collaborate among other ERG’s and gain additional talent.  Talent is SNC’s greatest asset and offering an inclusive workplace where team members feel empowered to be their authentic selves is a key driver to attracting and retaining people. 

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Variety is the spice of life and this couldn’t be more applicable then what we want for SNC.  If we work to actively promote equality and diversity, then we will continue to thrive and grow.  Diversity means that in order to succeed our business must be open to new and innovative ways of thinking, which of course ties to everything we do!


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