Lead Without Limits: Michelle J.

At SNC, we understand the importance of being a leader not only within our organization but also within the community. That's why, we're featuring a special series that showcases individuals who are making a difference in their communities.

Michelle with Distinguished Commodore of the Potomac 2023 award

Michelle J. is our esteemed Sr Administrative Assistant who heads the daily operations at our Washington DC office. With a keen eye for detail, Michelle works in tandem with IT and Facilities to ensure seamless execution of office projects. She also maintains close relationships with our landlord and building management team while partnering with HR to assist with new hires and NEO. Additionally, Michelle works closely with the WDC budget manager and is responsible for planning and coordinating all summer and year-end events - a true multitasker! Outside of work, Michelle dedicates her time to making a positive impact in her community through volunteering for various causes.

What inspired you to start volunteering and how did you get involved with the organization you're currently working with?

I started my volunteer work by participating in charity runs; my family has a history of cancer, so I first began participating in Relay for Life back in 1996.  Relay for Life is a community-based event to raise funds for cancer research.  For years, I was an individual participant, but began serving as a Community Chairperson organizing the county-wide event in 2002, as I felt the need to help in a larger capacity as the years passed.

I also enjoy boating and have been active in local yacht clubs as a member and leader. I have held the position of Secretary through Commodore for the Potomac River Yacht Clubs Association (PRYCA) and enjoy promoting boater safety and education. I am also a delegate for the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Clubs Association (CBYCA), which is a liaison between CBYCA and PRYCA and their 24 associate clubs along the Potomac River. We hold fun events throughout the year that are designed to educate and promote boater safety. I am now a Past Commodore and enjoy assisting and guiding the new Board of Directors each year.

Relay for Life, 2001


Has your volunteer work influenced your professional work in any way? If so, how?

There are many aspects of volunteer work that include public speaking; I bet no one would believe I used to be on the shy side. I began volunteering in the mid-90s and had to speak in front of large crowds of people on several occasions and that definitely helped my career flourish. As I gained confidence, I was able to speak in front of larger work-related audiences with ease.

What has been the most rewarding part of your volunteer experience so far and why?

I am a people person and have always wanted to do what I could to help others. A smile on a person’s face is the most rewarding part of any experience I’ve encountered, whether it be for raising money, running or participating in an event, or just assisting someone in the office.

What is a fun fact about you?

I love the outdoors and my husband, and I enjoy spending time on our boat and at our camper on weekends. I also enjoy fitness and work out every morning. These morning workouts help open the mind and get my day started in a positive manner.