Kutta Advances to DARPA’s Gremlins Phase 2 on Dynetics Team

PHOENIX, Az., June 13, 2017 – Dynetics, Inc.  recently awarded Kutta Technologies, Inc.  (Kutta) a Phase 2 subcontract to assist with the development of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)’s Gremlins program. Gremlins  is chartered with enabling volleys of low-cost, reusable unmanned aerial systems (UAS) called gremlins, which would be launched and retrieved in air. Kutta is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sierra Nevada Corporation, specializing in proven, high-tech UAS.

“We are very excited to be part of the Gremlins team,” said Doug Limbaugh, Kutta’s chief operating officer. “We have a proven track record of moving UAS control station technology from prototype through certification and into the field. We are pleased to work with a talented Dynetics team once again, and we look forward to helping shape the next chapter in multi-vehicle UAS command and control.”

Kutta is providing the multi-vehicle control services and a scheduling algorithm for Gremlins. The goal is to enable smart coordination of persistent and reliably synchronized launch-and-recovery operations. Work on the Gremlins program will leverage Kutta’s previous experience coordinating multi-vehicle surveillance, as well as combining unmanned and manned platforms.

“Kutta has been and will continue to be an important contributor for our vision and execution of the Gremlins program,” said Mark Miller, Dynetics Gremlins program manager. “Coordination of a dynamic environment during high-risk, airborne operations requires the kind of best-in-class expertise that Kutta offers.”

During Phase 1, Kutta successfully demonstrated control station prototypes for launch-and-recovery workflows and an initial system specification. The Phase 2 effort aims to refine these designs toward airworthiness in preparation for flight testing in Phase 3, currently planned for early 2018.

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Artist's rendering of synchronized Gremlins UAS.