In The News: Stabilizing global hot spots through comprehensive security assistance, September 12, 2023 - While sights might currently be set on the near peer horizon, the threat landscape in less developed nations remains a serious destabilizing force. As the world’s superpowers engage in a power struggle, terrorist threats continue to thrive as the spotlight that lingered on them for more than 20 years goes dark. Companies like SNC, well known around the world for its integration, modification and maintenance expertise, are dedicated to equipping these nations for the fight.

The US is far from ignoring the world’s less publicized trouble spots, which continue to be a hotbed of terror, extremism and insurgency – festering in places across the African continent and beyond. Though it may be focused on the future, the US engages in numerous Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programs each year to assist partner nations in beating back these threats, while promoting interoperability and strengthening the country’s network of alliances and security partnerships worldwide.


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