In the News: Sierra Nevada Wins Advanced Airborne Countermeasure Program

Aviation Week, July 01, 2020 – Sierra Nevada on July 1 captured a $700 million program to develop and install an advanced suite of radio frequency countermeasures (RFCM) bolstered by machine learning algorithms for the U.S. Special Operations Command's (SOCOM) fleets of Lockheed Martin AC-130J and MC-130J aircraft.

SOCOM's decision means the Nevada-based company will install a Northrop Grumman-designed RFCM suite on the AC-130 and MC-130 aircraft.

SOCOM's contract award announcement said the technology will help “protect aircrews from air- and land-based enemy radar and missile systems,” but recent comments by SOCOM officials elaborate on the special nature of these RFCM suites.

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