In the News: Power players - Meet 15 of the most influential women in aerospace, April 04, 2022 – SNC's Chairwoman, President & Owner, Eren Ozmen, was recently profiled as one of the most influential women in aerospace by

Insider asked aerospace experts whom they considered the most influential women in the industry.

  • The aerospace industry, like many STEM fields, has historically been dominated by men.
  • Insider asked experts which women are having the biggest effect on the industry.
  • Here are 15 of the most influential women in aerospace.

...Eren Ozmen, chair and president of Sierra Nevada Corporation 

Ozmen is the chair, the president, and a co-owner of Sierra Nevada Corporation, a private aerospace and defense contractor. Ozmen and her husband, Fatih, who is Sierra Nevada's CEO, have owned the Sparks, Nevada, company since 1994. 

Sierra Nevada makes aircraft, spacecraft, ground vehicles, electronics, hardware, and software for aerospace and defense purposes, and it's a contractor of the Department of Defense.

In June, the company launched an independent commercial space company called Sierra Space, which has a partnership with Blue Origin to develop Orbital Reef, their vision for a commercially operated space station. The Dream Chaser spacecraft is under contract with NASA for at least seven cargo missions to the International Space Station, with the first scheduled for late 2022, a company spokesperson told Insider.

Under Ozmen's leadership, Sierra Nevada has completed 20 acquisitions, her company biography said. She and her husband acquired the company when it had 20 employees, and they've grown it to comprise almost 5,000 people.

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