Celebrating Our Veterans: Meet Matt

May 31, 2019

Today, we introduce you to Matt C., a mechanical engineer at SNC. While he recently graduated from college, he is no stranger to serving his country. He joined the Marine Corps a decade ago, and worked with communication systems in the Middle East before continuing his career at SNC as an intern, and finally accepting a full-time job here as a mechanical engineer.

We caught up with Matt to learn how his experience overseas directly influenced his civilian career path – and why he believes so strongly in SNC’s mission.

Matt, please share what you did in the military.
I joined the Marine Corps straight out of high school in 2009 and served in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom [the global war on terrorism] as a field radio operator. I was part of a team attached to a motor transport platoon that ran convoys to resupply and support the forward operating bases scattered throughout Helmand Province. My responsibilities included maintaining, encrypting, and operating any communication systems we needed during missions.

What motivated you to apply for a job at SNC?
I wanted to work at SNC, specifically because of my experience overseas. Missions sometimes involve using very complex systems, and so there were times when I [encountered] complex problems that required solutions beyond my technical skillset. That [exact issue] is why it wasn’t uncommon to have on-site civilian contractors from the companies who manufactured our equipment available for technical support. Their value was immeasurable – given the confidence they provided to [me and] my team. We knew that once it was time to leave the wire, any single technical failure could be fatal.

My gratitude for the contractors and my safe return home motivated me to earn an engineering degree, and find an employer who supported the warfighter, both foreign and domestic. Here at SNC, I feel I’m paying forward the patience and support provided to me, in times of need, by those civilian contractors. To everyone at SNC who has similarly done so, thank you.

What does it mean to you that 25% of the people at SNC are veterans?
Working in an environment where 25% of the employees are veterans means the culture I learned to love [while in the Marine Corps] is never lost. One of the hardest parts of adjusting from active duty to college life was dealing with the loss of a tight knit family who worked at the same pace, laughed at the same jokes, and had your back no matter what. Transitioning from college to SNC feels like I got that back.

The intern to full-time employee path is what many college students hope for. What kept you here – and did the strong veteran workforce play a role?
An internship allows you to explore the ins and outs of an industry. I’ve worked under many leaders, so I knew coming in the qualities I wanted in a potential employer. SNC really hit the nail on the head for me in terms of the vast amount of time and energy invested into each employee. At SNC, you aren’t just a number. Management takes the time to listen to and help you achieve your goals both in and out of the workplace. Experiencing action aligned with words--especially SNC’s mission to cultivate professional growth at every career stage--in my experience, is a rarity and something to hold on to. 


Did you know nearly 25% of SNC employees are veterans? SNC supports hiring veterans—clearly—but we are particularly proud to see when they thrive here. To honor the men and women who have served, each month we will spotlight veterans who are SNC employees. We’ll highlight what drove them to serve our country, what attracted them to join SNC, and what wisdom they have to share. Find out more about working with SNC: