Catching a dream: SNC’s Tenacious Spacecraft Selected for NASA’s CRS-2 Contract

January 15, 2016 – Spaceflight Insider Celebrates SNC’s CRS2 Win Jan. 14, 2016, saying, “Some of the many reasons that Dream Chaser captured this award are the fact that, due to its folding wing design, it’s able to be launched on at least two different launch vehicles (using a five meter fairing). Moreover, according to SNC, the cargo version of Dream Chaser exceeds all of NASA’s cargo transportation requirements to the orbiting lab. The vehicle is capable of delivering both pressurized and unpressurized cargo to the ISS.

Perhaps even more notable than these benefits is the fact that SNC has stated Dream Chaser is capable of providing some of the periodic reboosts to the station’s orbit that are required from time-to-time. On top of that, unlike other U.S. commercial cargo vessels (and owning to its development as a crewed spacecraft) Dream Chaser can either be berthed – or dock to the ISS.”

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