Vindlér™ Features & Benefits

A new satellite constellation to address a growing market need for radio frequency (RF) collection and analysis.

Frequencies Ranging
from VHF to L-band

Downlink 4GB/Satellite Daily
Intuitive Analyst Interface
Ability to Task While in Orbit
Advanced RF Analytics
Flexible Licensing Supports Data Sharing

Advanced LEO Analytics

With more than 14 years of experience, SNC is a pioneer in developing advanced algorithms, analytics, process automation and leading laboratories.

Vindlér Capabilities:

  • Four 6U satellites
  • Collect frequencies ranging from VHF to L-band
  • Geolocation datasets with industry leading accuracy
  • Downlink 4GB/satellite daily
  • Low-latency delivery for time sensitive operations
  • Growing constellation with custom mission payloads
  • Intuitive interface for tasking & analytics
  • RF data catalog with automated ingest
  • Algorithms correlating imagery & RF emissions supporting computer vision requirements
  • Safeguard against RF & GPS interference

Critical Mission Applications

Vindlér™ will provide valuable commercial capabilities to manage RF emissions and safeguard against RF and GPS interference in an efficient, low-risk and cost-effective manner. It can be used to track dark vessels, GPS jammers and more in support of national security efforts.

This capability has immediate benefits for detecting dark vessels and countering Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing. Dark vessels attempt to obscure their location/activities by disabling their mandatory Automatic Identification System (AIS); however, other devices on the ship (radios, satellite phones, etc.) continue to emit RF signals. Vindlér™ will benefit teams that enforce sanctions, carry out interdictions and protect vital natural resources.

Other applications include improved emergency response efforts when GPS is unavailable or unreliable, protection of other types of wildlife and natural resources; and the ability to set a baseline for activity in hostile environments prior to making critical battlespace decisions.

Critical Mission Applications