Enabling Combat-Proven, Multi-Networked Tactical Solutions

NEXDOM software was developed to support command, control, communications, computers, combat systems, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C5ISR) missions at the strategic, operational and tactical levels. NEXDOM leverages military and commercial open-based standards to provide a common operating system across air, maritime and ground domains.

Designed for the non-traditional TDL user, our product allows for the ease-of-use required at the tactical edge but is powerful enough to provide the full command and control (C2) capabilities of a traditional command center. The NEXDOM user interface requires limited training to operate with no additional hardware needed to support. Our system has been proven in the hands of tactical operators in operations centers, ground vehicles, air and surface platforms worldwide.

NEXDOM Features & Benefits

C2 Gateway

Link-16 command & control host & gateway  


Provides a combined air-maritime-ground common operating system 

Cross-Platform Solution

Platform agnostic, non-proprietary message format & highly customizable architecture 


Remote control data, role-based access, intuitive display & enhanced messaging 

Sensor Control & Data Distribution

Supports VMF, CoT, KLV & JREAP