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Pointing & Motion Control Systems

Sierra Space is an industry leader in precision, low-disturbance pointing systems for space applications.

Sierra Space develops a number of single- and dual-axis pointing systems for spaceflight tracking, navigation and positioning functions for antennae, solar array drives/mechanisms, optical telescopes and instrument mechanisms.

Our pointing systems are qualified and flight-proven with NASA programs, commercial and military satellites and the ISS. Although we specialize in custom-engineered, open- and closed-loop solutions, our list of qualified motors, actuators, gimbals and drive electronics has grown into a substantial portfolio capable of supporting a wide range of applications and sizes with minimal non-recurring effort required.

  • C14 Bi-Axis Gimbal
  • C14 Incremental Rotary Actuator
  • C14-750 W Solar Array Drive Assembly
  • C20 Incremental Rotary Actuator
  • C50 Incremental Rotary Actuator
  • Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
  • EH25 Bi-Axis Gimbal, 3-Phase
  • EH25 Incremental Rotary Actuator, 3-Phase
  • eMotor
  • H25 Bi-axis Gimbal, 4 phase
  • LDC20 Low-Disturbance Gimbal
  • Lightweight 2-axis Mini Gimbal
  • Rotary Drive Electronics
  • Size 23 Incremental Rotary Actuator
  • T25 Incremental Rotary Actuator
  • Universal Microstepping Control Driver

Mission Highlight: Mars 2020 (Perseverance)

Descent brake, motors & actuators; our 14th mission to Mars.

Discover how Sierra Space's pointing & mission control systems can make your next mission a success.

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