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SNC became one of the world’s most innovative companies in space and defense because of our ability to tailor solutions to our government and commercial customers. In order to do that to the best of our ability, we whole-heartedly welcome open feedback to help us improve.

We also know that having proper resources on procedures and protocols for our programs is paramount. SNC strives to outline responsibilities for every supplier and maintain proper communication so that both parties can be successful.


It's important that we understand the threats that face us and the joint responsibility necessary to secure our supply chain.
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Accounts Payable

  • All invoices should be e-mailed directly to the A/P e-mail box with the invoice attached in PDF form — ONE invoice per PDF attachment and multiple PDF's can be attached to one e-mail.
  • All invoices should include purchase order line allocation.
  • Please send to:

Please note any invoices sent via mail are mailed back to the supplier, with a letter stating that invoices must be sent via e-mail. Please avoid delays by ensuring you send all invoices to SNC Account Payable using the email address.


Form Title (Click on title to download document) Current Revision Archived Revisions
OPS-FORM-078 Commercial Terms and Conditions F  
OPS-FORM-079 Vendor Survey - Supplier Approval Questionnaire J  
OPS-FORM-105 Terms and Conditions: Fixed Price COMMERCIAL ITEMS Under A U.S. Government Contract K  
OPS-FORM-107 Terms and Conditions: Fixed Price Purchase Order or Subcontract In Support of a Commercial Contract E  
OPS-FORM-110 Terms and Conditions: Fixed Price Purchase Order or Subcontract Under a U.S. Government Contract M  
OPS-FORM-111 Cost Reimbursable Subcontract for Non-Commercial Items and Services Issued Under a U.S. Government Contract J  
OPS-FORM-117 Time & Material Terms and Conditions For Noncommercial Services and Items Issued Under A U.S. Government Contract(s) B  
OPS-FORM-161 Terms and Conditions for Construction Services A  
OPS-FORM-9130 Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data A  
OPS-FORM-9300 Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Certification B A
OPS-FORM-9301 Annual Federal Representations, Certifications And Other Statements of Offerors G C
OPS-FORM-9302 Accounting System Adequacy Certifications A  
OPS-FORM-9332 Supplier Certification Regarding Combating Trafficking in Persons (FAR 52.222-56) D A
OPS-FORM-9365 Federal Funding and Transparency Act (FFATA) C  
OPS-FORM-9370 Individual Small Business Subcontracting Plan Exemption Request D B
OPS-FORM-9371 Vendor Certification Form C B
OPS-FORM-9372 Individual Consultant Information Form (Domestic) A  
OPS-FORM-9373 Individual Consultant Information Form (Foreign) A  
OPS-FORM-9374 Accounting Vendor Request (New or Modified Change) A  
OPS-FORM-9605 Terms and Conditions: Commercial Items - Government Contract C B, A
OPS-FORM-9607 Terms and Conditions: Commercial Contract B A
OPS-FORM-9610 Terms and Conditions: Noncommercial Government Contract FFP C B, A
OPS-FORM-9611 Terms and Conditions: Government Contract - Cost Reimbursable B, A
OPS-FORM-9617 Terms and Conditions: Noncommercial Government Contract TM C B, A
OPS-FORM-9678 Terms and Conditions for Indirect Purchase Orders B A

Additional Resources

Document Title (Click on title to download document) Current Revision Archived Revision
GA-INST-109 U.S. Import Instruction for Suppliers  A  
EMPC-PRCD-001 Code of Ethics and Business Conduct J  
OPS-REFN-9012 Supplier Travel Regulations B  

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External resources

System for Award Management (SAM)
Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
U.S. Small Business Administration - Size Standards
Office of Small Business Programs - Department of Defense
Office of Small Business Administration - HUBZone Program