Features & Benefits

Improved safety
Enhanced situational awareness
Faster decision making
Higher mission effectiveness rates

MUM-T Toolkit (MUM-TK)

SNC subsidiary, Kutta Technologies (Kutta) provides safe and effective MUM-T Toolkit (MUM-TK) software for complete unmanned aircraft system (UAS) command and control. The MUM-TK scales from ground-based Tactical Operations Centers (TOC) to the cockpit of manned aviation assets. Its modular open systems approach (MOSA) architecture allows an operator to easily take “Supervised Control” of multiple UAS through an intuitive user interface. The system is both STANAG 4586 compliant and DO-178C certifiable, making it the perfect fit for next-generation UAS and air-launched effects (ALE).

MUM-TK Capabilities 

MUM-TK Capabilities 

  • Pre-plan UAS missions 
  • Select a “stare at” & “stare from” point on the map or video screen 
  • Change & select UAS to target standoff distance 
  • Engage/disengage payload auto-tracking 
  • “Follow me” mode to keep payload pointed at location 
  • “Look ahead” mode to have UAS payload look at location-specific area at set distance & along active flight path 
  • Nominate survey areas to route & autonomously image the area 
  • Engage “snapshot” mode to take a photo of currently displayed video frame 
  • Mark target & generate a geo-located report of target 
  • Engage multiple cognitive decision aides to reduce workload 
  • STANAG 4586 compliant & DO-178C certifiable 
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