Sierra Nevada Corporation's Transport Telemedicine System (TTS) solution captures and communicates critical patient care/condition information through the transport phase of patient care beginning at the point of injury until disposition to a definitive care medical facility. Points of usage for the TTS include pre-hospital care providers, ground transport vehicles, helicopters and fixed wing transports and long-haul multi-patient transports. TTS is capable of being utilized in both commercial and military environments.

The TTS is composed of a variety of user devices for data entry (based on transport environment), an intelligent access point, radio and network interfaces, patient-connected medical device interfaces, user-entry applications, smart-medicine algorithms and a web-based patient-status portal. Throughout the breadth of TTS applications, several different user environments exist but the processes at each is essentially the same.

TTS effectively creates Critical Care Situational Awareness (CCSA) which can lower costs, lower care provider workload and improve patient outcomes.

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