Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a new key growth area for Sierra Nevada Corporation.  Energy demands continue to increase throughout the world, yet the sources of supply remain relatively fixed.  Renewable energy technologies offer a means to reduce our dependence on traditional sources of supply such as oil.

Our initial focus has been on developing and building investor funded photovoltaic (PV) utility grade solar power plants.  Our first PV solar plants became operational in Nevada in 2010, while several others sites are in various stages of development.   We are actively engaged in identifying, assessing, developing, operating, maintaining, and managing renewable energy generation and energy savings projects in the United States.

Our long term objectives are focused on developing new and emerging renewable technologies.   We are pursuing technologies that provide a big impact on meeting the energy needs of our customers.  Key areas of interest include:

  • Transportable Renewable Energy Systems
  • Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems
  • Energy Storage

SNC recently funded a joint research project with the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) and the Desert Research Institute (DRI). Our project is called Solar Thermal Air Receiver Systems (STARS). Our concept is to develop a 1-2 Megawatt (MW) concentrated solar plant that can be transported in several Container Express (CONEX) shelters to any destination in the world. Examples include: remote isolated locations; disaster relief operations; and military forward operating bases.  A scaled version STARS was recently demonstrated verifying key elements of the system.

Recent natural disasters such as the hurricanes in New Orleans and Haiti and the tsunami in Japan completely devastated the infrastructure of those areas.  A transportable renewable power system can provide power and clean water quickly to support first responders, medical treatment facilities and critical infrastructure without burdening the transport system with the need to transport fuel for traditional diesel generators.


For more information about Sierra Nevada Corporation Renewable Energy capabilities, please contact:

Email: SNC Renewable Energy