Company Overview


SNC’s mission is to help humanity make the world a better place by creating meaningful and innovative solutions in aviation, aerospace, cyber, telemedicine, engineering and systems integration. Focus on safety and security, goodness, virtue and caring for people.


Provide rapid, innovative, and agile technology solutions that exceed customer expectations.


At SNC, we take an entrepreneurial approach to meeting our customers’ needs by developing innovative technological solutions in a rapid and agile production environment.

For our employees, SNC strives to cultivate professional growth at every career stage. We believe in positive attitudes, team-play, purpose, fire-in-the-belly passion, work-life balance, collaboration, humility, persistence, discipline and trust as accelerators of productivity and fulfillment.


  • Customer-Focus: Responsiveness, professionalism, discipline, high standards of character and integrity.
  • People Matter: Our people are SNC's greatest asset; you are empowered.
  • Quality Products & Services: Goal: Exceed customer expectations.
  • Agility, Innovation and Scalability: We thrive on out-of-the-box thinking; we encourage you to unleash your creativity, constantly seeking out new ideas, technologies and process improvements.
  • Integrity: Tell it like it is! Do the right thing.
  • Defined & Continuously Improved Processes: We set defined and measurable targets to achieve best possible results.

Business Areas

Current Initiatives


  • Nearly 3,000 personnel – most of whom are scientists, engineers, or technical personnel and all of whom are dedicated to meeting the needs of SNC's diverse customer base.


Sierra Nevada Corporation
444 Salomon Circle
Sparks, NV 89434 U.S.A.
Phone: 775-331-0222
Fax: 775-331-0370
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  • 34 facilities
  • 19 states
  • Locations in England, Germany and Turkey, along with numerous customer support sites throughout the world.