Sierra Nevada Corporation Announces Successful Completion of Dream Chaser® Crew Vehicle Nose Landing Gear Test

Sparks, NV – July 11, 2012 – Sierra Nevada Corporation's (SNC) Space Systems has successfully completed testing of the nose landing gear for the Dream Chaser® orbital crew vehicle. This milestone evaluated the impact forces experienced by the landing gear at the front of the vehicle, the nose, in order to ensure safe runway landing capability of the Dream Chaser during approach and landing tests, as well as future orbital flights. Test results were presented to NASA on June 25, 2012, and the successful milestone review was completed the same day.

The Dream Chaser main landing gear was tested in a similar manner in February of this year and other systems that support the flight test are currently being installed and tested. These milestones will prepare the Dream Chaser for its first approach and landing test scheduled for later this year.  SNC has now completed 18 milestones as part of NASA's Commercial Crew Program. 

“This test marks a significant point in the development of the Dream Chaser orbital crew vehicle. As the last milestone before free flight of the Dream Chaser spacecraft, we are now preparing for the approach and landing tests to be flown later this year,” said Jim Voss, Vice President of Space Exploration Systems and Program Manager for the Dream Chaser.

"Just like the space shuttle Orbiter vehicle, the performance of landing gear system must perform flawlessly for the safe return of the crew," CCP program manager Ed Mango said. "It's great to see that SNC is building on that experience while developing the Dream Chaser spacecraft."

The Dream Chaser spacecraft has been under development with NASA assistance for six years and is based on NASA’s HL-20 crew vehicle which has a strong development heritage.  It will launch on an existing United Launch Alliance Atlas V launch vehicle, and will have on-board propulsion utilizing SNC’s proprietary hybrid motor technology.  The Dream Chaser is piloted with a crew of seven and can carry critical cargo to the International Space Station and other low Earth orbit destinations, and return crew and fragile experiments to a gentle runway landing.  SNC is the prime contractor for the Dream Chaser program and leads a team of experienced space companies working to build and begin to operate this orbital flight system. 

About Sierra Nevada Corporation

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