SNC-led Gorgon Stare team wins US GEOINT Foundation’s 2011 Industry Award

Sparks, NV October 18, 2011 – The United States Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Foundation has selected the Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC)-led Gorgon Stare team as its 2011 Industry Achievement Award recipient. This prestigious annual award recognizes outstanding accomplishments in GEOINT tradecraft by an individual or team from industry. The 2011 award was presented to SNC and the Gorgon Stare team today at the 2011 GEOINT Symposium at San Antonio, Texas.

The United States Air Force (USAF)’s Gorgon Stare (GS) Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance System, developed by the SNC-led, best-of-breed industry team under the USAF/Big Safari rapid acquisition program, has been flying operational missions in Afghanistan since April, 2011. Hosted on a USAF/General Atomics long-dwell MQ-9 Reaper unmanned air vehicle, each GS orbit provides uninterrupted, 24/7 visible and IR coverage of city-sized areas, providing real-time motion video directly to theater and tactical forces engaged in combat and support operations. GS motion video is simultaneously provided in 3 coverage tiers:  (1) The full field of regard; (2) In multiple subviews of the full field of view, and; (3) In best-resolution tactical chipouts. These products are all provided in realtime to tactical and theater forces via the Gorgon Stare Ground Station/Exploitation Cell with best-resolution GS chipouts provided directly and in real-time to tactical, remote video terminal-equipped users engaged in ground operations.

In addition to its primary tactical consumers, this game-changing system also provides these products in near-realtime to the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) enterprise for unprecedentedly rapid exploitation and time-sensitive forensic analysis support. Finally, the entire mission data set, which is recorded onboard the aircraft in machine-lossless format, is provided post-mission for live, long-term archiving and discovery, and additional current exploitation. SNC’s market-leading Increment 1 partners include ITT Geospatial Systems, Mercury Federal Systems, MIT/LL, L3Com West, L3 Comcept, Gichner, and AdamWorks. SNC is also currently under USAF contract to develop the next generation of Gorgon Stare systems. In addition to its Increment 1 partners, the SNC-led Increment 2 team adds BAE Systems as the next-generation visible sensor provider.

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