U.S. Army Orders an Extra Brigade Set of TacticompT

Sparks, Nevada – June 29th, 2009 – Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) was recently awarded a contract for $8.7 million to field an additional combat brigade preparing for rotational deployment to OIF. This extra brigade set of Tacticomp™ is thought to be targeted for the 4th Battalion/2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team (4/2 SBCT), a unit previously outfitted in one battalion with a Land Warrior system. The order will bring the total number of operationally deployed battalions to use Tacticomp™ to well over 30 battalions.

When deployed with this brigade, Tacticomp™ will have been used in OIF by 9 U.S. Army brigades, including six of the Army’s seven SBCT’s. The system has been lauded as highly effective and more reasonably priced than similar systems planned for deployment. As Tacticomp™ exceeds its third anniversary in combat, the Army has chosen to equip yet another Brigade Combat Team (BCT) with the high-tech system, which significantly enhances situational awareness while providing full motion video and both mounted and dismounted battle command capabilities for the warfighter.

The success of Tacticomp™ in OIF during the last three years, allowing units to face the challenge of asymmetric warfare, has prompted additional Army brigades to ask for the system. By the end of 2009, over 20% of the Army’s Active Duty combat brigades will have used the system in an operational rotation.

The equipment is a modular fighting system that uses state-of-the-art ruggedized computers, communications and global positioning technologies to accomplish the long-sought objective of networking the dismounted warfighter.

Tacticomp™ also provides several distinct advantages that no other soldiers currently possess. Mounted on the soldier, the system has upstream and downstream video feeds, which allows the soldier to send streaming video of everything he observes. It also enables the soldier to view video feeds from Unmanned Air and Ground Systems, surveillance aerostat platforms, the Army’s One System Remote Video Terminal (OSRVT) and other video-oriented systems in theater; all through one of his body worn viewer options.

Furthermore, the system provides situational awareness, allowing soldiers to see the location of blue (friendly) forces in the area of operation. Each soldier wearing the system is represented by an icon on the map. It also supplies maps and imagery, allowing leaders to change graphics while on the move, and provides voice and text messaging capabilities. Finally, all of this is linked to a beyond-line-of-sight network via the vehicle-mounted satellite communication system, thus allowing on-the-move flow of all data streams to any system within the satellite footprint.

It’s most important characteristic may be the ability to prevent fratricide by allowing soldiers to see the location of other “friendly forces.” The leader in a support-by-fire position is able to see the front line trace of any other involved elements. Tacticomp™ provides the fastest situational awareness refresh rate on the battlefield today.

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