Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) partners with Raytheon to improve Air Force mission coordination under Electronic Warfare Battle Management contract

Award supports new direction in military operations

Sparks, Nevada – April 3, 2009 – SNC announced today it has partnered with Raytheon Company on a U.S. Air Force awarded contract to enhance Electronic Warfare Battle Management (EWBM) system.

Under the $3.5 million award from the Air Force Research Laboratory, SNC will partner with Raytheon to conduct a series of EWBM system experiments and demonstrations during the next three years in the Air Force Research Lab’s Virtual Combat Laboratory (VCL) at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. Through these experiments, the Air Force will be able to apply EWBM to a variety of scenarios to determine the best use of Electronic Warfare assets in the battlefield.

Electronic warfare is the use of electronic attack, support and protection during military operations. Battle management focuses on the command and control of forces in the battle area. In joining these two solutions, commanders and war fighters will dramatically improve mission coordination and significantly enhance the common operating picture of the battlefield.  These enhanced solutions in electronic warfare and command and control will dramatically improve the way we arm our war fighters to engage in combat.

SNC’s expertise will provide advanced EWBM command and control (C2) concepts that combine traditional and non-traditional ISR into an automated, man-on-the-loop system capable of performing dynamic Battle Management in a holistic and integrated manner.  SNC will use Sensor Strike, (a knowledge enabled C2 system) to leverage innovative technology of multi-agent systems successfully demonstrated in the laboratory and during a UAV live fly exercise. This cutting edge technology will enable the automated fusion of large quantities of disparate data at machine to machine speeds in conjunction with ontologies and intelligent agents in the real time execution of operationally relevant missions in the VCL.

About Sierra Nevada Corporation
Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) is known for its rapid, innovative, and agile technology solutions in electronics, aerospace, avionics, space, propulsion, micro-satellite, aircraft and communications systems for both the private and public sectors.  Founded in 1963, SNC’s seven unique business areas employ more than 1600 people in 31 different locations in 20 states – all of whom are dedicated to providing leading-edge solutions to SNC’s dynamic customer base.

Over its 46 year history, SNC has remained focused on providing its customers the very best in diversified technologies to meet their needs and has a strong and proven track record of success.  SNC has grown into one of the Top Woman-Owned Federal Contractors in the United States while maintaining its reputation for innovation and agility.  The company continues to focus its growth on the commercial sector through internal advancements and outside acquisitions, including the emerging markets of telemedicine, nanotechnology, energy and net-centric operations.

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