Fatih Ozmen
Owner and Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), Fatih Ozmen's leadership and vision propels SNC in its exploration of novel and cutting-edge technologies. With broad technical and business knowledge, Fatih Ozmen uses his insight and experience to anticipate the emerging technological needs of the global marketplace, allowing SNC to develop tomorrow's technologies today.

Fatih joined SNC in 1981 with a broad engineering background culminating with a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno. He designed and developed numerous high-tech systems and managed several key integration programs during his early years at SNC. With a strong vision for the future of SNC, Fatih Ozmen and his wife Eren Ozmen acquired the company in 1994 and set their plans in motion to expand and grow. As SNC's sole owners, they also serve as the company’s top corporate officers and provide the dynamic leadership and strategic vision that have been the driving forces behind SNC's dramatic success. As a direct result of their emphasis on integrity, strategic planning, and strong financial and technical management, SNC has grown into one of the top performing Federal Contractors in the United States.

SNC continues to be a leader and maintains its position at the forefront of the electronics, communications, space and aviation industries through Fatih Ozmen's never-ending enthusiasm, insight and expertise to expand SNC through a series of targeted acquisitions. With the Ozmens at the helm, SNC has grown from a company of 20 employees to a full-service systems integrator with six business areas in 34 locations in 19 U.S. states, England, Germany and Turkey, along with numerous customer support sites throughout the world. Today, SNC has a workforce of nearly 3,000 personnel – most of whom are scientists, engineers, or technical personnel – and all of whom are dedicated to meeting the needs of SNC's diverse customer base.

As CEO, Fatih Ozmen leads the dedication to quality and service that is a hallmark of the entire organization. Known as a creative thinker and problem solver, Fatih continually maintains a strong customer focus, while bringing outstanding strategic management skills and extensive business leadership experience to his position.

SNC and the Ozmens have been honored by numerous organizations as a result of their successful leadership, including:

As a tribute to the Ozmen's exceptional leadership, successful vision and extraordinarily generous employee benefits, SNC was recognized by its employees as:

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